In Search Of Leather Handbags Made In The USA?

Your handbag is the most emotional purchase you make. It has to be just right – fashionable as well as functional.” – Issac Mizrahi

Thinking of expanding your handbag assemblage? Make sure you pick a distinctive piece this time! When it comes to selecting a handbag, a beauty should always select the one that suits her personality to a tee. Needless to say, she should emphasize on the style, size, color, and comfort of the handbag by all means. Carrying a fashionable and functional handbag helps a lady not only in keeping all her essentials in one place, but also in completing the overall look. If personal statement and self-expression are of immense importance to you, don’t forget to pick a handbag that reflects you altogether!

Out of all handbags made in the USA, the ones offered by Itasca Moccasin are the preferred choice of countless women. The reason handcrafted leather handbags from this celebrated store are widely sought after is because they are made with great precision on the elements of style and comfort. Available in a varied array of colors, sizes, and styles, exquisitely designed handbags from Itasca Moccasin are definitely a great addition to every woman’s handbag collection.


If looking forward to buying a few leather handbags, there’s no need for you to go elsewhere! Exploring Beaucoup, Trempealeau, Mini Galena, and Galena ranges at Itasca Moccasin would provide you with plentiful options to choose from. So, if you have been looking for the best handbags online, visit the site without wasting a second!


Buy Excellent Quality Leather Firewood Carrier Online

Camping trips are a great way to bond with your friends and have an adventurous time. The thought of you going out with few best friends on a camping trip replete with bonfire, drinks and music is thrilling and exciting. However before you set out on a trip, it is important that you have the necessary things that are required to be carried on a camping trip. There are some essential items that you need to have: Swiss army knife, torch, sleeping bags, camping tents and accessories, bug sprays, matchboxes etc. If you are planning on making a bonfire in the night then it is important that you carry firewood along with yourself. It is not always possible to get good firewood in the wilderness so to be on the safer side, it is best to carry it.


While everything else can be stuffed in backpacks, firewood needs to be carried safely. Buy a leather firewood carrier online and carry the firewood safely and comfortably without any hassle. Leather is a great material to carry heavy items and it won’t get ruptured with the corners of the firewood and it surely makes carrying firewood stylish. So make your camping trip enjoyable and dance the night away!

High Rise Moccasins And Those With Rubber Soles: Two Best Leather Goods For Your Feet!

They are soft, comfortable and offer a snug fit. They have an array of colorful patterns on top and they are an amazing example of fusion styles between everything tribal and urban. We are of course talking about beautiful and practical pairs of moccasins that have continued to be one of the most popular kinds of footwear through the years.

If you’re a moccasin lover or fond of leather goods in general, the following options are totally meant for you.


1.High rise moccasins: Traditionally, moccasins are flat soled, lined with fur and practically structured for daily wear. But you could bring in more variety with high rise versions of the footwear that come in single color as well as in a combination of two or more shades that complement each other or stand out as a beautiful contrast. These are mostly designed like regular wedge-heeled shoes.

2.Moccasins with rubber soles: The ultimate comfort of the footwear can be raised to another level when they are enhanced with durable, non-slip rubber soles. That lets you enjoy the typical barefoot feel offered by these shoes while making your grip on the floor a lot better. So, you get more reasons to love the footwear all the more!

Lined Moccasins – The Perfect Blend Of Comfort, Durability, And Style

Footwear is quite a unique element of protective clothing. They can be a fashion statement, functional device, and even a medical device. No other element of clothing quite works the same way, except for compression garments.

The present day market is flooded with various ilk of footwear, and often it becomes difficult to find the suitable one. One such footwear that is ruling the roost is moccasin. Available in an array of designs – such as lined moccasins – they are perfect to fit into any environment.

Lined moccasins

The moccasins may have been originally worn by Native Americans and were designed to meet their specific needs, but today they have found their way into the hearts of modern day men and women. The moccasins are sought for their superb design that ensures the users’ well-being as well as the high-quality leather and other materials that equate it to durability and comfort.

Moccasins are considered to be a stylish footwear mostly used in cold places, but nowadays you will find a number of people wearing them at home, while on a picnic or even while taking a stroll on the sidewalk. Moccasins are classy and timeless and certainly combine trend, convenience, and sturdiness. You surely don’t want a wardrobe without them!

Your Guide To Select The Best Handcrafted Leather Goods

Leather is the only fabric which never gets out of fashion. Be it a pair of shoes, wallets, bags or a belt, an apparel or accessory made from leather looks elegant, classy and unique in its own way. That is why everyone wants to have a leather product to grace their wardrobe.

Love for leather is the reason that nowadays markets are brimming with duplicate leather products, but nothing can match the panache of real leather. Follow these tips to buy genuine leather goods.

Learn To Identify Real Leather
Real leather is never immaculately finished, it always has some rough edges and surfaces. Real leather also absorbs moisture unlike the fake one. Try to put a drop of water on the surface and if it doesn’t absorb the water, it is fake.

Also, check the tag of the product, if there is no mention of genuine or real leather, then it is fake.

leather goods

Quality Of Stitching
The only thing which can enhance the looks of leather goods is the stitching. Make sure the style of sew is complementing the product and its quality is durable and fine for an elegant look.

Also find out whether it is machine stitching or handcrafted to analyze its right value. Handcrafted goods have more detailed and high quality stitching; as the stitches are more flat, sharp and organized.

Ensure that leather is cut in the perfect and desired way as per the needs of the product. A leather cut in the right ‘grain direction’ will ensure better quality and life of the product. Other things to consider are blemishes, flea bites and fat deposits on the leather.

With these tips in mind, you can always make the right decision in selecting the best leather products.

Men’s Moccasin Slippers And Shoes – Stylish Footwear Made Of High-Quality Leather

Why do most men focus too much on their footwear? Unlike women, men are not too fussy about their clothes or accessories for that matter. However, one thing in their wardrobe that concerns them the most is their footwear. They would take more time buying their shoes than anything else. When the entire focus is on your shoes, you need something that is worth your time and money. Men’s moccasin shoes and slippers fit the bill perfectly.


Men’s moccasins are usually taken as a casual footwear that you can wear around your house or when you are going out for an informal meeting with friends. Made from high-quality leather and available in a variety of colors, moccasin slippers and shoes can leave a lasting impression on whoever sees you wearing them. With their rich history and consistent improvement in design and styles, moccasins have come a long way from the time they were first used by Native Americans.

The best part is that buying moccasins has become easier than ever before. There are online stores that specially deal in leather moccasins, offering you the opportunity to buy them at reasonable prices. Get a pair of men’s moccasins today!

Soft Soled Moccasins: A Highly Fashionable, Yet Comfortable Footwear

How often do we hear people say that we should treat our bodies like a temple, and the thought has a lot of meaning too. After all, who else will take the baton of taking care of our bodies but ourselves? And how will we be able to perform unless our bodies are at a 100% level? The same goes for our feet that must be kept protected and comfortable while they remain stylish. And one type of footwear that suffices most conditions for comfort and style is soft soled moccasins.

Soft soled shoes have it all. Stylish designs, comfortable shapes, durability that makes them last years. Being lightweight shoes, their soft touch keeps the feet snug and cozy, making it easy to walk for longer duration. Additionally, soft soled moccasins are highly versatile in their functionality, because they can just as easily be worn to a formal event as on a casual day with friends and family. Finally, they efficiently protect the feet, whether it’s during the colder months when they keep the feet warm or for preventing injury.

Soft soled moccasins make for highly fashionable, yet super comfortable footwear that is unlike any other in the market. So give your feet the comfort of high quality moccasins and remain stylish all day long.

Women’s Moccasin Slippers For Stylish Comfort

Soft, cushy and fashionably voguish, moccasins are trending hot in all the fashion circuits this season. With approaching winters and chill in the wind, the demand for this comfy footwear is on all time high. Flaunted and loved by most of the glitterati and celebs, moccasins have become a staple in every woman’s accessory closet. You can’t miss turning your head around for a second look at someone sashaying down the street in this chic in-thing. What’s more, you can find myriad designs, styles, colors and fits in women’s moccasin slippers category that would suit every fashionistas trendy requirements.

women's moccasin slippers
The stunning sub-categories will leave you spoiled for choice as the extensive range includes swanky and natty pieces such as Cota, Hatchie, Nokasippi, Kaskaskia, Maquoketa, Meramec, Obion, Sinsinawa, Trimbelle, Schoolcraft and more. These oh-so-stylish footwear are apt for every casual outing, while the sophisticated ones like black Cota can be tagged along with formals as well. The easy slip-on feature adds to the comfort along with the double sole construction that offers a feeling of being barefoot. The insole is equally soothing for the feet with light synthetic padding that keeps your feet warm and snug. Moreover, the knee-high boots with cascading fringe are your best match with a short leather skirt or denim shorts. It is ideal for a casual hangout or a daytime date in the countryside. Made up of authentic and pure leather, women’s moccasin slippers are sure to catch all the eyeballs the next time you don them. So gear up to take your style quotient up by a few notches with this modish footwear range.

Fashionable Handbags Made in USA For The Stylish You!

Are you looking to make an opulent fashion statement? Luxe leather handbags serve as one of the best status symbols for women in the world. It will be hard to find any lady who doesn’t like or own trendy handbags. Apart from helping them to organize and carry their essential personal items, handbags make women look more voguish and chic among their peers.

The designer handbags come with various sections for different purposes so that you can keep your keys, credit cards, pens and cell phones in assigned pockets and save yourself the hassle of frantically looking for them in the whole bag. Some of the handbags come with big or small jazzy zipper pockets inside as well as outside for that extra bling. Made of pure quality leather, these handbags grab all the eyeballs when you carry them and are quite durable as well. They are further subdivided into different categories as Beaucoup, Trempealeau, Galena and Mini Galena.

Handbags Made in USA

So, if you want to own alluring leather handbags made in USA, you can get them online where many companies are selling them under different categories. You can search over the internet and pick the one that sells leather goods exclusively handcrafted in USA. After finding such a site, you can explore different types of handbags and choose the one that suits your style and personality.

Leather Belts Made In USA: Add A Touch Of Class To Your Look

Men, who have for long been associated with carefree fashion, are becoming increasingly fashionable by the day. Keeping tabs on the current trend and aiming to be as fashion forward as possible, the modern man is paying close attention to what he is wearing. Aiming for a complete look, he is leaving nothing to chance, which is why accessories are getting especial importance in the wardrobe of a man.

There’s no hiding the fact that accessories are important to complete your look, and leather is a material that lends elegance to the look of the accessories and thereby your appearance. One of the classiest and most glamorous leather accessories is a leather belt. A reflection of your dressing sense as well as your personality, a leather belt is a classic way to round off your look. Very versatile in its application, a leather belt can pair as effectively with a casual look as with one that suits a more formal setting.

Leather belts made in USA ooze class and have the power to make you stand out from the crowd. Do not shilly shally any longer before investing in a good quality leather belt. Get in touch with the best leather goods store near you and buy a few quality leather belts made in USA today.