How Are Outdoor Moccasins Different From Loafers?

Many people tend to mistake outdoor moccasins for loafers and vice versa. But even though, there might be a few similarities that are visible on the first glance, both kinds of footwear are totally different from each other.

The first distinct difference is that loafers are mostly available in a limited color-range, which includes muted or glossy tones of grey, black, brown, white and beige. But you can find an endless range of color options and designs, white mocassins, purple moccasins, reds, pinks and every other possible hue.

Apart from this obvious, superficial difference, moccasins have a rich history. They were first worn by the Native Americans as they went on several hunting expeditions. That is why; this type of outdoor footwear is tough and able to withstand rugged terrain in most cases even today. Modern designs are crafted out of softer leather varieties with a sturdy sole and the whole body stitched together in a rhythmic fashion.

Coming to loafers, these are shoes with a very simple and polished construction. Though their design is certainly inspired by the structure of traditional moccasins, loafers are actually a more contemporary style. They have a distinct heel and usually come with metal details, buckles and so on.


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