The Right Way To Clean Lined Moccasins

Lined moccasins are a treat for your feet. Cozy, comfortable and very soft, the inner lining tends to be the perfect foot therapy in itself. But you should take care when it comes to cleaning them so that you can preserve the lining as well as the exterior of the shoes for long. Here are a few tips.

When they are lightly soiled:

-First of all, take a slightly moist washcloth and scrub the outside of the moccasins.
-Then, do the same for the inside lining.
-Use a brush or a comb to fluff up that lining and leave the shoes to air-dry.

When they are heavily soiled:

-Heavily soiled moccasins need to be deodorized first. Just sprinkle the inside with baking soda and leave overnight.
-Use a washcloth soaked in a soapy solution to scrub all over.
-If there are any stains, get rid of them using a soft old toothbrush.
-Remove excess soap with a water-moistened cloth.
-Use a hair-dryer to dry out the shoes properly.

It is best to not let your moccasins get excessively dirty. Proper storage and cover after every use should help take care of that. And if there are any spills or visible soil, brush them off instantly.


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