Your Guide To Select The Best Handcrafted Leather Goods

Leather is the only fabric which never gets out of fashion. Be it a pair of shoes, wallets, bags or a belt, an apparel or accessory made from leather looks elegant, classy and unique in its own way. That is why everyone wants to have a leather product to grace their wardrobe.

Love for leather is the reason that nowadays markets are brimming with duplicate leather products, but nothing can match the panache of real leather. Follow these tips to buy genuine leather goods.

Learn To Identify Real Leather
Real leather is never immaculately finished, it always has some rough edges and surfaces. Real leather also absorbs moisture unlike the fake one. Try to put a drop of water on the surface and if it doesn’t absorb the water, it is fake.

Also, check the tag of the product, if there is no mention of genuine or real leather, then it is fake.

leather goods

Quality Of Stitching
The only thing which can enhance the looks of leather goods is the stitching. Make sure the style of sew is complementing the product and its quality is durable and fine for an elegant look.

Also find out whether it is machine stitching or handcrafted to analyze its right value. Handcrafted goods have more detailed and high quality stitching; as the stitches are more flat, sharp and organized.

Ensure that leather is cut in the perfect and desired way as per the needs of the product. A leather cut in the right ‘grain direction’ will ensure better quality and life of the product. Other things to consider are blemishes, flea bites and fat deposits on the leather.

With these tips in mind, you can always make the right decision in selecting the best leather products.


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